Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall TV Season. Part IV.

Well, the networks keep throwing stuff at me. I was actually at a loss yesterday trying to decide what I wanted to DVR. The CBS comedy two hour has lost. My little gets her fill of Dancing With The Stars, and I need my fill of Chuck and Heroes.

Chuck was good at getting back into the swing of the the general idea. The show keeps being funny and interesting. Although the twist of Chuck's freedom from CIA was apparent at the first moments of the hour.

The Heroes I haven't seen yet, since we've decided to enjoy another hour of Boston Legal. Life got DVR'ed as well.

Back to the Sunday night. Bears beat Eagles, most improbably I might add. McNabb is much, and I will repeat MUCH, better quarterback than Orton ever hopes to accomplish.

The last quarter drive was extremely exciting, and if not for the triple stop of the Bears' defense on the goal line, this would have been another loss.

Get some young blood in the there, the defense is getting old, and they can't go on anymore for the full four quarters. The Chicago offense is getting lighting fast on the scoring, which keeps the defense on the field for the better part of the game.

That's it. School officially starts today, and I'll be learning how to create successful and meaningful surveys.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall TV Season. Part III

I have almost caught-up to the DVR. The only thing left to watch in the Knight Rider. I hope to view it tonight. Granted it's without The Hoff and The Grand AM, but recently shows have improved with interesting story-lines and interesting characters.

On the other hand, I lived on the original Knight Rider, and have my reservations on the remake.

Yesterday we watched the season premier of Grey's Anatomy, again I am ready to tear-up my "guy license", and the writing I believe has gone downhill. I'll give it the benefit-of-doubt for couple more weeks to pick-up the pace.

What's left?

Chuck is coming back next week. Life is coming back next week. And i bet TV executives will think of something else to keep my mind on track.

School also starts next week. The class I will be taking is called Survey Methods. It's all about surveys, the methods to take them, analyze them and find useful information from them.

I need to come up with a proposal for the first class, and I have no clue what to do.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Developer.


I call this dude THE DEVELOPER.

His main power and weapon is the marketing guy poking stick.

Thank you Nathan

Go here Marvel

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TV Fall Season. Part Deux.

Yesterday evening I did not watch anything but the Heroes season premier. I am not sure the show has took the turn for the best, it's got so tangled in the plot lines that it would be very confusing for the writers to untangle it.

Warning, spoilers be here, if you haven't watched it.

Sylar got out, and got to Clare, getting her healing powers, telling her that she can never die. OK! Fine. What disappoints me a little that Sylar's character does not get developed at all. Sure he's a villain, but what's his ultimate goal? World domination, or just absorption of as many powers as he can? Sounds a bit silly. I wouldn't be surprised if all of a sudden he turns a good guy.

Peter-from-the-future screws-up the future, hoping that he can fix it. Peter-from-the-present gets stuck in the body of a villain, by Peter-from-the-future. It seems that Peter becomes dumber and dumber by the year. "Butterfly Effect?" Time to quote master Yoda, "Always in motion, the future is."

Niki Sanders got a twin in the image of senator aide Tracy, having freezing powers.
New hero/villain with Flash's super speed, a girl that almost seem to jump out of Anime(not good at acting too).

Hiro, getting bored by the power, and doing the stupidest thing ever."Do not open the safe." I want to open it. "Do not give away the formula." I will loose it, two minutes after you told me too.

Mohinder, got superpowers by injecting himself. Now he's turning into a Spiderman, literally turning into a spider or something we'll see in the next episodes.

To many classic "lets throw the wrench in to the general works" steps to get into the the spin of season.

I hope it gets interesting and untangled. They don't answer enough questions.

This show kept me away from watching Eureka and Fringe, which i will catch-up to today. Luckily on the scheduling there's only Knight Rider. I wonder if it will catch-on with me. I still can't get used to the Mustang as KITT, but I guess there were no other choices for producers.

Over and out.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TV Fall Season. Part I

I'll be the first to admin that I watch a lot of TV. I like watching TV, I enjoy watching TV, and I don't get people who don't like watching TV, basing it on their perceived "stupidity" of it.

Do not judge, lest you be judged yourself(or something like that).

Well, with the Burn Notice, Monk, and Psych ending their summer rule of my house, I have a plethora of shows to watch and get my DVR working overtime.

Yesterday(Monday) was the beginning of CBS's comedy night with Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Two and a Half Men. I rarely watch CBS, but these sitcoms I have enjoyed recently, even more so after NBC started to show "critically" acclaimed Earl and The Office, which I don't find funny.

I had to DVR the premier of Heroes, since my little one enjoys Dancing with The Stars. I will probably have my "dude badge" evoked, but I like this reality show as well.

There was also the showing of the first episode of my all time favorite lawyer drama Boston Legal and Shat and Spade continue to rule the evenings for me. Good season starter.

Today is the Fringe which I enjoy, another Dancing With the Stars for light family viewing, and i believe the season finale of Eureka, one of the shows I enjoys on the SCI-FI channel, after the demise of Stargate SG1.

This week i should have a good list of shows to enjoy this fall.

To be continued.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend happenings.

It seems that I have resorted to writing only about weekends.

I have so much work to do due to the merger of our two companies that I simply don't want to write right now.

My daily work schedule includes messing around with a number of stylesheets to make it look "perrty".

The weekend was not very eventful unfortunately.

We went to see Mamma Mia! That was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, even if this type of music is not my cup of tea. The singing was good, the choreography was occasionally sloppy, and the amount of skimpily dressed slightly drunk women was absolutely staggering.

On Sunday, I've managed to do some small amount of house chores, go to the gym, watch the Bears game in its entirety, grill some amazing pork chops and zucchini (marinated by my wife, THANK YOU honey).

The game was disappointing in the end, due to a loss, but simply amazing to watch. Two brawls in the beginning, three beautiful interceptions on Griese (too bad not capitalized on), and a true overtime nail biter.

Again, too bad we lost, 1-2 is not a good start for any team, that has only 16 games to play in the regular season. I am becoming pessimistic about the team's chances of making it to the play-offs this season(Good buy, Lovie, and Good buy, Mr. Ron Turner).

Not much of a rant.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sounds Dirty


My pirate name is:

Dirty John Roberts

You're the pirate everyone else wants to throw in the ocean -- not to get rid of you, you understand; just to get rid of the smell. Two things complete your pirate persona: style and swagger. Maybe a little too much swagger sometimes -- but who really cares? Arr!

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Thanks to Nathan

Strange that I am dirty, since I answered about washing fairly honestly.

Lots of work is happening. I am trying to move my projects over to .NET 2.0. It seems hosting the 1.1 and 2.0 apps in the same application pool causes problems on the server.

In a true Microsoft fashion, they want you to switch over as soon as something new comes out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weird Conversations.

One of the things that I am learning while in school, is how to handle meetings and do presentations. The key is how you talk, your tone of voice, your basic sentence structure and so on.

I am calling the AT&T support, our phone line has been acting funny after the storm's two day blackout. We get a sing ring, and after picking up it's nothing but dial tone.

I have heard that in California the sentences usually end up with the accent on the last word, which makes it sound like a question.

"The technician will be out there on THURSDAY." "There is a problem with your LINE." And so on, try saying them, you'll know what i mean. This actually got quite annoying after couple of times, but I've decided to let it slide, however confused I was by that conversation, not knnowsing if the guy was asking me questions.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Happenigs.

Oh, what a weekend.

We got hit by a storm. I would guess remnants of Ike. The rain was coming down for 3 straight days. On Saturday morning I saw the water begin to sip through the lower level floor. We've turned the pump on, but since it was raining for a day before that the pump was struggling to keep up for better half of the day. No damage, very little water, but a lot of wet towels.

The rain finally stopped on Sunday afternoon, when i was watching Da Bears play the Panthers. What a disastrous game that was. Blowing a two touchdown lead in the second half is terrible. Matt Forte has showed himself as a capable back, and a short pass receiver. Kyle Orton has shown himself incapable of throwing long passes, overshooting Booker for a go-ahead touchdown.

On Saturday we went to see Burn After Reading. What a wierd little movie. The actor interpaly was great, everybody was great in it, but the movie itself was hard to follow. The whole movie was stolen in the last two or three minutes, by the actors who did not even play the leading roles.

On Sunday we've taken our little one to the Russian school second week in a row. We are still trying to get a feel for it. She seemed to enjoy it, making new friends, and learning new things. Being four, she is not overly against learning and speaking Russian. However, it is never our expectation that she will become a native Russian speaker, we just think it would be nice if she knew other languages besides requisite Spanish.

Also on Sunday we watched a new drama pilot Fringe that is created by J.J. Abrams, also a creator of my long-time favorite Alias. The show has a little promise of a new X-Files, with a weird scientist an FBI agent, a large conspiracy, and not overly bad dialog and acting. One thing that hit me as strange, the action is happening in Boston/Harvard area and not a single actor speaks with a Boston accent.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The candidates' favorite movies

I read Roger Ebert constantly. I love his take on the movies, and the approach he takes critiquing them.

Here an interesting post on his blog.

Full Article.

I think it's about time to add Mr. Ebert to my blog roll.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Of Bears and School

After about a week of grueling material reading and understanding I passed the final for the Quantative Analisys test.

The score was 37 correct out of 43. Two of the questions I got wrong because of the misunderstanding. The other two I think I missed purely on the not getting the material, and the last two for the reasons beyond my comprehension, since i did not record the questions.

Now I have about three weeks of leisurely reading the material for the next class, and thinking of the topic for the final paper on that class (at least that was mentioned in one of the emails).

I have lost the flash drive with all my previous works, which is a considerably big hit to me. Now I WILL remember the importance of occasional back-up.


Finally the sports returned into my day-to-day life.

The Bears have won their first one. It's way too early to predict anything now, but here some of my observations.

- Brady is done for the season. One less to contend with. Without Brady Pats are nothing.
- The Bears defence did not look half bad. Orton was not half-bad either.
- Saints and Falcons showed some bite.
- Romo is the QB to watch this season
- The rookies who were supposed to be impressive, were impressive
- Favre looks good for an old guy, but still throws hail-maries off the back foot :)
- Dolphins will win some.

Nothing else.

After taking that exam for two-and-a-half hours I am emotionally exhausted.

Friday, September 5, 2008

New Computer

The computer is finally built.

I had two problems so far.

The APEVIA PSU came DOA, calling to NewEgg, they were good enough to ship a new unit overnight, without having to wait to recieve the dead one. I opted out of APEVIA and went with a much better reviewed Rosewill 500 Watt PSU. Worked out beautifully.

While you can still hear the hum of the new PC, it's like a wisper. Very very quiet powersupply, and very quiet Rosewill 80mm fan in the back providing the cooling.

I haven't run any benchmarks yet on the computer but that's to follow.

Another problem was installing the XP. It seems that the old copy of the XP that i've been using forever now lacked the driver to support the SATA drive. I had to scramble to find a solution. Two came to mind after research.

There is a program that allows you to stremline an SP2 installation into your XP original one. I made the image, but haven't tried to install it yet. I also found an old copy of XP with SP1 in it.

That actually seemed to work ok for now.

Yey new PC! Now what to do with it?

Thursday, September 4, 2008



I love it. We are in for a real cat-fight now. Whatever everyone else is saying, I like McCain's choice of a running mate. Sarah Palin is feisty!

Ole John should let her do the talking.

I think that i will wait until the last moment until i decide who to vote for. I loved the fight between Obama and Hillary. It was nails-out-hands-like-a-hurricane-get-out-of-my-way type of fight.


I can't wait until we get closer to Novemeber. Forget gloves-down. This is already heavy into a mexican-stand-off.

One thing I don't like that Obama said about taxes. Taxing people more because they make more is very socialistic. VERY! The approach of rich-people-already-rich-they-can-spare-a-bit-more will scare the businesses and investments away. It reminds me of the thinking that old Soviet Revolution was build on.

Leave other people's money alone.
On a different not, my little one got back yesterday from day-care yelling Go Team Go! Go Cubs Go! CUBS?!

I think I need to explain to her that daddy like Yankees, and forever will like Yankees.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Of Mice And Men

Very eventful weekend. Can't translate what my dad would say in this instance, but the word "leasure" would be stretched to such an extreme that it mostly conveys the meaning of, "With kind of rest and relaxation who needs work!"

On saturday we took a lunch cruise of the Spirit of Chicago. The weather was beautiful, the downtown view from the ship was awesome, and the experience, supplemented by a Bloody Mary, was thoroughly enjoyable.

After that, we hit off to one of the munchkin-birthdays we have scheduled for the next two weeks. Again, with the parents already a bit under, our little one was able to find enjoyment in that party, even with a very small afternoon nap.

On sunday we have decided to finally go to the beach, not the pool mind you, but the actual beach in Highland Park. I am not much of a beach goer plus I don't swim really well (I consider myself an extreme land dweller), but I enjoyed playing in the sand and just relaxing in the nicest of seetings.

After that, we went to friend's Summer Farewell party. Drinks flowed easily supplemented by a great bbq. The conversation floated anywhere from computers and NFL to politics. Uncharactersticaly for me, I have taken up and defended a political position; must have been all that conqac I consumed.

Ah! To Mice. We got a little mouse in the house, and he got really obnoxious recently. On Sunday morning the thing actually ran down my arm. We've been trying to catch the bugger for couple of days now, much hindered or helped by our dog. At one point, he just stood there in his best pointer position, with the mouse calmly washing his face. On sunday I finally cornered the little bugger, and put him in the box. I can't bring myself to killing an animal, unless it's a fly or a mosquito. This furry gentlemen, was too cute to kill. So he spend about 2 hours in the shoe box, with holes drilled for air.

In the words of Homer Simpson, "Once again, man triumphs over small furry animal!"

In the evening we went to a forest preserve and released him into the wild. I actually felt a little sad, I entertained an idea of keeping him for a while.

To cap off the weekend I have seen THREE movies. This is highly unusual for me.

Charlie Wilson's War. Great movie, very entertaining, with a great cast. I don't know how much of it is based on the real story of American help to mujihadeen, but it takes itself seriously enough, with great humor. Two things that irked me in the movie. The whole kill Russians sentiment in the movie, just a buit unsettling for me. In the montage of RPG's being fired, the director ran out of shots to use, I guess. One clip clearly showed an F-16 Falcon being shot down. The other clip showed an F-4 Phantom being shot down. That's a bit dumb.

Juno. One of the movies I claimed in the recent posts I don't get. Well, i got this one. I actually understood the reason it recieved great reviews, and was generally liked by everybody. I enjoyed it, the same way I enjoyed low budget films like Fargo.

Enchanted. This one we took to enjoy with the 4 year old. Pricesses, love, toons, unpretentiously sappy story, and music with singing and dancing. Great formula for family entertainment, and its not a let down. Enjoyed that one too.

Short week! Yumm!