Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Software engineer

There is this memo going around. And people putting up their versions all over the place.

This is my version of what I do.

Thank you to Nathan, for giving me the courage.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I finished watching the documentary The Captains yesterday and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I was really happy to see all of the StarTrek captains in one movie, on the other hand I am not sure the MAIN question was answered by any of them, and Mr. Shatner did not push for it, What does it mean to be The Federation Starship captain?

There were some awesome moments with Patrick Stewart. I like the fact that he admits that StarTrek could have been his greatest accomplishment in television, despite the fact that he is an accomplished actor and thespian. He embraces playing Jean Luc Picard and everything StarTrek accomplished. It also seems that Shatner has the best rapport with Sir Stewart.

It is nearly impossible to get a straight answer from Avery Brooks it seems. It's possible that his jazz persona is who he really is, but give a straight answer just once man. He is an accomplished actor, he could have faked seriousness of Benjamin Sisko just once.

The movie did not spent a lot of time with Chris Pine, who is basically holding the future of the franchise in his hands right now. But from what I seen in the documentary he is not a brash-young-know-it-all punk, although he comes from Hollywood royalty. He seems sincere in his answers and appriciation of the Startrek phenomena.

Kate Milgrew and Scott Bacula held their own against Shatner. They did not show much vulnerability in discussing heavier topics of the acting in the their lives, and Scott Bacula was joival to the end.

And that seems to be the problem with the movie, posed as a self discovery for Mr. Shatner it touches more on the overall actors' careers instead of StarTrek experiences.

Still I learned quite a bit about the actors and the movie was very enjoyable from beginning to the end.

A must see for any StarTrek fan out there.

I've also noticed that my reviewing isn't that good. Just like in real life I tend to jump from one place to another without a lot of structure. That's me, spastic even in writing.