Thursday, September 4, 2008



I love it. We are in for a real cat-fight now. Whatever everyone else is saying, I like McCain's choice of a running mate. Sarah Palin is feisty!

Ole John should let her do the talking.

I think that i will wait until the last moment until i decide who to vote for. I loved the fight between Obama and Hillary. It was nails-out-hands-like-a-hurricane-get-out-of-my-way type of fight.


I can't wait until we get closer to Novemeber. Forget gloves-down. This is already heavy into a mexican-stand-off.

One thing I don't like that Obama said about taxes. Taxing people more because they make more is very socialistic. VERY! The approach of rich-people-already-rich-they-can-spare-a-bit-more will scare the businesses and investments away. It reminds me of the thinking that old Soviet Revolution was build on.

Leave other people's money alone.
On a different not, my little one got back yesterday from day-care yelling Go Team Go! Go Cubs Go! CUBS?!

I think I need to explain to her that daddy like Yankees, and forever will like Yankees.

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