Monday, October 24, 2011

A good riff is not hard to find

I was watching the last episode of Psych, when a riff came on as the guys were walking into a bar. A good riff can stick in my head for days, and I know I've heard it before. I think it's a very popular one in movies and shows, specifically when manly-men are out to do manly slow-motion stuff.

I used my phone and one of the apps to identify the culprit, and lo-and-behold Little Green Bag - by George Baker, the artist I've never heard of actually. It also seems to be the opening music for the Reservoir Dogs.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall TV - Comedies

I haven't really changed my habits as far as the comedies go on TV. I have pretty much stuck to my guns and hardly paid attention to the new stuff.

How I Met Your Mother - The characters keep developing, with Barney struggling with new-found monogamy. I think it was correct to move Allison H. to the background, there is not a lot to do there and the show is not about pregnant women.

Big Bang Theory I think this show needs to move to Sheldon and Amy, and forget the rest.

Modern Family Nothing needs changing there. Do you here me writers, NOTHING!

And that's it as far as the comedy shows go. I do occasionally catch New Girl with Zoey Deschanel and Simpsons on HULU, when I have time, but no new comedies have captured my interest. I think I should give Last Man Standing a try.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall TV - Dramas

I haven't done of these in a while and the time is just about ripe. Most of the Fall's new scheduled shows are out, and some of them are already cancelled, without me even taking a peek.

There are a whole bunch of new cop procedural shows in the network shuffle.

Prime Suspect. Verdict: Skip. This is a standard procedural where the main character, a tough straight talking female lead, investigates murders in New York. I think the unique premise here is bringing in a prime suspect to a crime, and have the main character save that person buy finding the real culprit. The problem with the show is lack of uniqueness. There is very little investment in the main character, she is just not interesting enough. The cases are run of the mill, and the dialogue tends to be heavy with little snap to it. I give it until mid-term exams, after that it's probably going to be dropped.

Unforgettable.Verdict: Skip, unless somebody tells me differently. I watched the pilot of the show. The show is trying to get on the popular bus of super-powered-consultant-cops. I think it started with Medium, followed by Psych (still my favorite), and now relayed to the Mentalist. I liked the female lead, who also has a wide-story arc of mysterious possible murder of her sister. She is able to play off that pain of unsolved loss. Other than the super-memory, it even has a medical term Hyperthymesia, the show has little to go for it. Maybe if the wide-story arc develops better I'll come back to it.

Person of Interest. Verdict: Watch. The last of the new procedural shows I tried. This show is actually a keeper for now. The show is based around two guys, one a former computer developer, who invented a sort of Skynet to track down possible terrorist or otherwise unseemly activities. The other is a former clandestine operative, who went off the deep end after being late to the death of a loved one, although he cleans up very nicely and fast, after being what is clear an alcoholic. The idea for case resolution is interesting, as the characters from the beginning do not know what they are supposed to do, who they need to kill, save, or otherwise interfere with. And so they set off to do the investigative things. This show is going to be my replacement for Burn Notice type of clandestine operations, although without Bruce Campbell, and the snappy dialog. There is also a promise of a wider arc and a background story.

A Gifted Man.Verdict: Skip. Something about a medical professional who is hallucinating about his dead ex-wife is not working for me.

Not a lot of new dramas to see and enjoy on the networks. I may have to turn to cable for the entertainment.

One thing I would like to gripe about. Harry's Law was a fun show to watch. But I think David E. Kelly has that internal need to turn any show into a large cast one. The crowns of LA Law, The Practice, and Boston Legal just prevent him from having a small casted shows. We'll see how's the second season is going to turn out.