Monday, September 8, 2008

Of Bears and School

After about a week of grueling material reading and understanding I passed the final for the Quantative Analisys test.

The score was 37 correct out of 43. Two of the questions I got wrong because of the misunderstanding. The other two I think I missed purely on the not getting the material, and the last two for the reasons beyond my comprehension, since i did not record the questions.

Now I have about three weeks of leisurely reading the material for the next class, and thinking of the topic for the final paper on that class (at least that was mentioned in one of the emails).

I have lost the flash drive with all my previous works, which is a considerably big hit to me. Now I WILL remember the importance of occasional back-up.


Finally the sports returned into my day-to-day life.

The Bears have won their first one. It's way too early to predict anything now, but here some of my observations.

- Brady is done for the season. One less to contend with. Without Brady Pats are nothing.
- The Bears defence did not look half bad. Orton was not half-bad either.
- Saints and Falcons showed some bite.
- Romo is the QB to watch this season
- The rookies who were supposed to be impressive, were impressive
- Favre looks good for an old guy, but still throws hail-maries off the back foot :)
- Dolphins will win some.

Nothing else.

After taking that exam for two-and-a-half hours I am emotionally exhausted.

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