Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just because I write about it every year in September

Sports are back on the TV for me. NFL season has started with a big win from Bears. Granted they were playing Colts, a team in rebuilding after Peyton Manning's leave. But, there was a scary moment with Jay Cutler's pick six mistake at the start of the game. For us who watched Bears go through Jay's interception riddled season couple of years ago it was a gasp moment.

Overall, after this small mistake the team looked good. There is a certain connection between Jay Cutler and freshly acquired Brandon Marshall. Matt Forte looked leaner and ran very very well.

We'll see how the season develops, but at the moment I am a very happy fan!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another annoying music video

The best way to get rid of the annoying song in your head, is make everyone else listen to it. This way I know I'm not the only one being annoyed and it will calm me. I also haven't a clue why my brain picked it out from random noise. Try not to enjoy too much.

I actually never liked this song, but the chorus is catchy. A true trademark of an excellent pop tune.