Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How to keep a geek happy

I have, some time ago, noticed that my Lego collection has outgrown the space I allocated for it. It has also outgrown my desire to spend significant amounts of money of them, therefore I have decided to take a break from purchasing anything big and exciting(Still dreaming about the Death Star though).

Then, on our family's trip to Michigan, I've noticed a bunch of models that are made out of pressed and engraved tin. I grabbed an X-Wing right away, but then noticed something I wanted for a long time. In my collection of geeky/nerdy shit I don't have a single representative of Star Trek verse.

The model itself looks OK, given the material being used to assemble it. There was a lot of frustrating moments in assembly, where alignment could not be achieved. The latching system is so small, that there were instances where I seriously considered a magnifying glass. The end result is also a bit front heavy, making the model topple forward, that is why there is a pen holding it down.

Here are the picture of pre-assembled and the final piece. I may take another picture.

There are plenty of models available by this company. I have seen they have original Enterprise, Vor'cha and A Bird of Prey.