Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall TV Season. Part III

I have almost caught-up to the DVR. The only thing left to watch in the Knight Rider. I hope to view it tonight. Granted it's without The Hoff and The Grand AM, but recently shows have improved with interesting story-lines and interesting characters.

On the other hand, I lived on the original Knight Rider, and have my reservations on the remake.

Yesterday we watched the season premier of Grey's Anatomy, again I am ready to tear-up my "guy license", and the writing I believe has gone downhill. I'll give it the benefit-of-doubt for couple more weeks to pick-up the pace.

What's left?

Chuck is coming back next week. Life is coming back next week. And i bet TV executives will think of something else to keep my mind on track.

School also starts next week. The class I will be taking is called Survey Methods. It's all about surveys, the methods to take them, analyze them and find useful information from them.

I need to come up with a proposal for the first class, and I have no clue what to do.


Jason said...

Small point of correction: the original KITT/Knight Rider was a Trans Am, not a Grand Am. I don't think Pontiac started making Grand Ams until the '90s, and they were a little bigger and a lot less sporty than the TAs.

Konstantin said...

You are right of course. Stupid mistake on my part, actually.

I know it was a Trans Am, just got a case of "silly bugs."

Jason said...

No problem, I get those sometimes myself. :)