Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TV Fall Season. Part Deux.

Yesterday evening I did not watch anything but the Heroes season premier. I am not sure the show has took the turn for the best, it's got so tangled in the plot lines that it would be very confusing for the writers to untangle it.

Warning, spoilers be here, if you haven't watched it.

Sylar got out, and got to Clare, getting her healing powers, telling her that she can never die. OK! Fine. What disappoints me a little that Sylar's character does not get developed at all. Sure he's a villain, but what's his ultimate goal? World domination, or just absorption of as many powers as he can? Sounds a bit silly. I wouldn't be surprised if all of a sudden he turns a good guy.

Peter-from-the-future screws-up the future, hoping that he can fix it. Peter-from-the-present gets stuck in the body of a villain, by Peter-from-the-future. It seems that Peter becomes dumber and dumber by the year. "Butterfly Effect?" Time to quote master Yoda, "Always in motion, the future is."

Niki Sanders got a twin in the image of senator aide Tracy, having freezing powers.
New hero/villain with Flash's super speed, a girl that almost seem to jump out of Anime(not good at acting too).

Hiro, getting bored by the power, and doing the stupidest thing ever."Do not open the safe." I want to open it. "Do not give away the formula." I will loose it, two minutes after you told me too.

Mohinder, got superpowers by injecting himself. Now he's turning into a Spiderman, literally turning into a spider or something we'll see in the next episodes.

To many classic "lets throw the wrench in to the general works" steps to get into the the spin of season.

I hope it gets interesting and untangled. They don't answer enough questions.

This show kept me away from watching Eureka and Fringe, which i will catch-up to today. Luckily on the scheduling there's only Knight Rider. I wonder if it will catch-on with me. I still can't get used to the Mustang as KITT, but I guess there were no other choices for producers.

Over and out.

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