Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maya's first strike

We went bowling on Saturday. It's a strike, I know I was too happy and jumped up before recording the last pin falling down.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back with back

My back gave out again last week. The problem with my back is that it does not give out when I do physical activities. I can carry around kids and other heavy stuff, play golf, climb tree and tall moountains and everything would be fine. But then, I can do something as simple as turn around and not able to unbend the very next moment.

I've decided to ride this one out, with use of heat patches and Ibuprofen, and not go to my chiropractor. The man's good, but he takes unbearable amount of pleasure in making you understand that hurting is bad.

Anyway, it's almost over.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've been busy all this week with school work and a weenkend trip to New Jersey to celebrate my parents' umptieth anniversary.

Great fun, although we are still very tired.

Nothing to see here people, move along.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend update

What has happened over the weekend.

I love the stores that own-up. I also love the stores where customer satisfaction seems to be the primary concern. Over the weekned I have purchased myself a new shiny toy. I've been feeling that I need a super portable computer. So, after much research I settled on a netbook, I need a something that I can do light computing on, and light enough not to regret lugging it around. The netbooks are pretty good right now, about as powerfull as a Pentium M.

I have bought a HP Mini 210 initally on Saturday. ABT matches any price of authorized retailer, and they often enough drop some percentages to boot. They had the base price based ont he fact that they promised a 9h battery life for the computer. However, and this is always happening to me, I've noticed that battery draining rather fast, and when paying closer attention to the box I saw that it indeed possessed a 3-cell lithium ion battery. The standard life for 3-cell is 4 hours max.

I called ABT expecting a storm. Instead the girl who sold us the netbook quickly checked her information, compared it with manufacturers information, and seeing an error on their part, apologized for the error and offered to give us a full refund without a restocking fee, or an ASUS Eee PC (a more expensive one) as a full exchange.

So now I have a Asus EeePC 1005, which really does have an amazing battery life.

And kudos to ABT for trating me as a valued customer (which they have never failed actually).


Here's another weekend occurence that I am not sure if I should be freaking out.
I guess it is in time for the Russian Victory Day. The 5 Year Old comes back this Sunday with a play-dough figurine from her crafts class. Upon my enquiery as what it is (although I CAN CLEARLY see what it is) she innocently replies: "It's a tank Daddy!"

Now, I am pretty adamant about keeping her away from certain violence and specifically war type imagery, but WTF? I was kinda lost for words, and let it slide not wanting to focus on the issue. I grew up as boy, playing imagingery guns and war games and so on, but have I become to sensitive for this?

I am not sure, if I should be feaking out or not.