Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On Human Progress

Progress is moved by basic human desire to achieve maximum comfort while lounging on the couch.

The latest achievement was spurned by our decision to forgo cable or satellite and enjoy internet streaming services sometime ago, which are more than adequate for our TV viewing purposes. It came with a small caveat, my basic need to watch NFL games on Sundays, or Mondays. or Thursdays.

We have a roof antenna which I was unable to make use of, for different reasons. Therefore we relied on two indoor UHV/VHF numbers. They worked fairly well, however the selection of channels was limited. Again, we didn't care that much, 90-95% of what we watch is streamed, either through Hulu or Netflix. I was getting excellent reception of FOX, NBC or  ABC, for Sunday or Monday Night games.

Until push came to shove. Last weekend's, disappointing i may add, game was translated on CBS. I could not get CBS to work on those in-doors, and I've had enough.

Several months ago, during the routine roof inspection, I've asked the roofer guy to tell me where the antenna cable goes into the house. He told me it was one of the vents. So, up i went. After several unsuccessful attempts of finding a right cable ( there is a web of RCA cables in the attic) and a splitter, I found the right one!

My over-the-air count has grown up to 70 (most of them HD) by the way. With a little more effort, I may even setup a DVR through over the air, but that will come later.

One long climb for a man, free TV for the family. Progress!