Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall TV Season. Part IV.

Well, the networks keep throwing stuff at me. I was actually at a loss yesterday trying to decide what I wanted to DVR. The CBS comedy two hour has lost. My little gets her fill of Dancing With The Stars, and I need my fill of Chuck and Heroes.

Chuck was good at getting back into the swing of the the general idea. The show keeps being funny and interesting. Although the twist of Chuck's freedom from CIA was apparent at the first moments of the hour.

The Heroes I haven't seen yet, since we've decided to enjoy another hour of Boston Legal. Life got DVR'ed as well.

Back to the Sunday night. Bears beat Eagles, most improbably I might add. McNabb is much, and I will repeat MUCH, better quarterback than Orton ever hopes to accomplish.

The last quarter drive was extremely exciting, and if not for the triple stop of the Bears' defense on the goal line, this would have been another loss.

Get some young blood in the there, the defense is getting old, and they can't go on anymore for the full four quarters. The Chicago offense is getting lighting fast on the scoring, which keeps the defense on the field for the better part of the game.

That's it. School officially starts today, and I'll be learning how to create successful and meaningful surveys.

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