Saturday, November 27, 2010

Out on vacation

When I said I was out, I really was out. We went for couple of days to Vegas, with help from my parents. They have decided to help us out and came to spend some time with the kids, while me and the Awesome Wife partied and gambled the inheretence away.

We also visited Hoover damn Dam and I will post pictures of that. BTW, Zumanity is probably the best Cirque de Soleil show in existense at the moment.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pulling stuff out of my ...

I haven't written anything in two weeks. Maybe because I don't feel like writing about anything. So... let's BULLET POINT!!!!!

1. Da Bears are 6-3 and I don't really see them improving that much until the end of the season. They have a super difficult schedule ahead of them with Packs, Pats, Vikes, Jets, and Dolphins (second game in 5 days). But If they win 10 games, with the comparitevly weak NFC they could get a chance at playoffs. (wow a long football rant). If they don't DeAngelo and Lovie both will be gone at the end of the season. A lot of people think that the problem is them, but I would go higher and say that the McCaskeys need to move on.

2. I am in a yearly turning down point. I always take Thanksgiving week off, follow by the Christamas-New Yras week off. Me and the Awesome Wife are going to visit Vegas this weekend.

3. There seems to be a lot of classic cameo appearences at the end of season. Chuck has Linda Hamilton, Robert Englund, Summer Glau and Timothy Dalton appearances. Castle brought in Lyle Lovett.

4. I've decided sometime ago to keep track of all of the uses of my SmartPhone, that are a bit unconventional. Meaning, anything that has nothing to do with calling, messaging or emailing.

1. Using the flashlight feature to find pacifiers in the baby's bedroom.
2. Using the video player to entertain baby during mealtimes.
3. Taking pictures of weird cars.

From Cars

Got nothing else.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Last class

The last class has begun. It's called Strategic Management. There is not a lot to learn, it's more of the Capstone course. Throughout the 10 session we'll be simulating a sports shoe manufacturing company in a role of the CEO.

And then I am gonig to be done.