Friday, September 19, 2008

Sounds Dirty

My pirate name is:

Dirty John Roberts

You're the pirate everyone else wants to throw in the ocean -- not to get rid of you, you understand; just to get rid of the smell. Two things complete your pirate persona: style and swagger. Maybe a little too much swagger sometimes -- but who really cares? Arr!

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Thanks to Nathan

Strange that I am dirty, since I answered about washing fairly honestly.

Lots of work is happening. I am trying to move my projects over to .NET 2.0. It seems hosting the 1.1 and 2.0 apps in the same application pool causes problems on the server.

In a true Microsoft fashion, they want you to switch over as soon as something new comes out.

1 comment:

Ilya said...

I think that bathing question is simply screwed up. When I answered "daily", I got the same "dirty" result. When I changed that to "never", I ended up "Captain Tom Cash"...