Monday, June 27, 2011

To van or not to van

The adjuster called today and my poor Altima is totalled.

Now we need a new one, so we were thinking of getting a mini-van. There are of course a great many Vans of all styles and sizes with the comfort options that we prefer to have. There are certain things that I absolutely must have when getting a car.

But, it's a bloody mini-van. Granted the Awesome Wife has offered to drive the mini-road-conqueror, but I don't feel right about it. We already have an SUV. It's the smaller size one and the trunk, sometimes, doesn't hold all we need. We have two kids, a stroller at all times (for next year or two), occasional bike and a probable medium-to-large dog in the future. Maybe we can go for another SUV, an Enclave or something along those lines. That can be a permament family car.

So the question that we are trying to solve right now, is whether or not we need a mini-Van.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A great Father's Day

There are four things on my list a father should be able to do on this day. I'll add another pre-father day thing just to feel proud of myself.

On Friday The-Soon-To-Be-7-Year-Old had her annual ballet performance. I will post the video as soon as I can. There are only two dances, ballet and tap, with her that night, but I taped them using my DV camera. It takes a bit of time to take the videos off the DV.

Now, on to the father's day.

1. Go see some awesome cars. CHECK!

I think the upload was interrupted, there should be more pics there

2. Watch Star Wars. Contrary to my facebook update it wasn't on USA but on Spike. I was able to see a good portion of A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. CHECK!

3. Grill to the heart's content. Did some hot dogs, portobellas, and bratwursts. CHECK!

4. Finish off the day with a bowl of Ice Cream at Oberweis. CHECK!

An overall success.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New York trip

Everytime i lie to myself that I am going to New York. Most of the time of course I am going to the state of New Jersey to visit family. This time we were able to make our way to Brooklyn to visit my Uncle. Brooklyn doesn't change, and I think that's why I love it.

Anyway, it was a very nice trip. Lots of fun with family and friends, and the kids played their hearts out with their cousins.

Thanks to Mom and Dad and many thanks to my Brother and Awesome Natasha for spending their time every night entertaining us.

Very enjoyable if a bit tiring trip. Have you ever tried to fly with a Two Year Old who decides that the Awesomest time to take a leasurely stroll about the plane is the exact time they put on Buckle-Your-Seat-Belt lights.

There is of course another cousin, but teenagers.... sheesh! For those unfamiliar with the mischpokhe, mine are the middle one who's holding the little one, and the little one being held by the big one.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Some final thoughts

I amtem about to return both tablets to their respective stores. We were going to purchase them on points and those won't arrive for another couple of weeks. I am typing this up on the Xoom.

1. Battery life is great on both devices, lasting me a whole week with only a single recharge.
2. Xooms virtual keyboard has more lag between presses, especially so when typing fast with two fingers.
3. Xoom's Chrome browser often enough glitches. Buttons are not functioning. Facebook freezes up.
4. It's very difficult to attach files to emails on ipad. The device gives you very little control to what's on your system and limits you to iTunes and apps.
5. This control however results in a nicely tuned system.
6. I played Contract Killer on both systems. It froze several times on Xoom, but its impossible to tell if it's the app or the unit. Xoom in theory should have more power than ipad.
7. Which makes it the final point. Android market is a mess with few apps designed specifically for android tablets.

So, still not sure. If you have an opinion on the matter, let me know.