Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Happenigs.

Oh, what a weekend.

We got hit by a storm. I would guess remnants of Ike. The rain was coming down for 3 straight days. On Saturday morning I saw the water begin to sip through the lower level floor. We've turned the pump on, but since it was raining for a day before that the pump was struggling to keep up for better half of the day. No damage, very little water, but a lot of wet towels.

The rain finally stopped on Sunday afternoon, when i was watching Da Bears play the Panthers. What a disastrous game that was. Blowing a two touchdown lead in the second half is terrible. Matt Forte has showed himself as a capable back, and a short pass receiver. Kyle Orton has shown himself incapable of throwing long passes, overshooting Booker for a go-ahead touchdown.

On Saturday we went to see Burn After Reading. What a wierd little movie. The actor interpaly was great, everybody was great in it, but the movie itself was hard to follow. The whole movie was stolen in the last two or three minutes, by the actors who did not even play the leading roles.

On Sunday we've taken our little one to the Russian school second week in a row. We are still trying to get a feel for it. She seemed to enjoy it, making new friends, and learning new things. Being four, she is not overly against learning and speaking Russian. However, it is never our expectation that she will become a native Russian speaker, we just think it would be nice if she knew other languages besides requisite Spanish.

Also on Sunday we watched a new drama pilot Fringe that is created by J.J. Abrams, also a creator of my long-time favorite Alias. The show has a little promise of a new X-Files, with a weird scientist an FBI agent, a large conspiracy, and not overly bad dialog and acting. One thing that hit me as strange, the action is happening in Boston/Harvard area and not a single actor speaks with a Boston accent.

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