Friday, September 5, 2008

New Computer

The computer is finally built.

I had two problems so far.

The APEVIA PSU came DOA, calling to NewEgg, they were good enough to ship a new unit overnight, without having to wait to recieve the dead one. I opted out of APEVIA and went with a much better reviewed Rosewill 500 Watt PSU. Worked out beautifully.

While you can still hear the hum of the new PC, it's like a wisper. Very very quiet powersupply, and very quiet Rosewill 80mm fan in the back providing the cooling.

I haven't run any benchmarks yet on the computer but that's to follow.

Another problem was installing the XP. It seems that the old copy of the XP that i've been using forever now lacked the driver to support the SATA drive. I had to scramble to find a solution. Two came to mind after research.

There is a program that allows you to stremline an SP2 installation into your XP original one. I made the image, but haven't tried to install it yet. I also found an old copy of XP with SP1 in it.

That actually seemed to work ok for now.

Yey new PC! Now what to do with it?

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