Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New year un-resolved

There has been a lot of posts about apparent writer's block. People moan back and forth about how they promised themselves to write more, and failed to do so. Well, I am not one of them. I've never promised to write more. My writing seems to be in decline for a while now partially due to work-load partially due to general laziness. I stopped caring if I put a post out even once a month.

Now I've joined my blogging friends in complaining by writing a whole paragraph about it, I think I might actually have something to say. Not a lot though.

New Year came and went. We've had a whole bunch of celebrations. By the way, Cards Against Humanity game is dirty, disgusting and a whole lot of fun, if you are in to the low brow humor.

My 37th birthday also came and went. I would like to thank,again, all of those who congratulated me on achieving basically nothing but getting a year closer to retirement. Still it was very nice. Thank you one and all!

I got some very nice presents. My Awesome Wife has given me a 50mm camera lens which, while a little harder to use, makes absolutely wonderful pictures and portraits. I will be putting it to heavy use in the coming days. I also got a Lego to further my TIE fighter models. I think the only one I am missing is a TIE bomber.

HUGE thanks to my parents for coming over to share my Birthday with me.

That's it folks for now, more to come.