Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun weekend with birth (with morbid, gag inducing details)

Nah, I don't want to get smacked around. I am a total wuss. But I will use the words morbid, and gag inducing.

Anyway, this is a story about karma, and being careful with the wishes you make.

For most families birth begins with the water breaking, or some other physiological gisn of things to come. Not with us, oh no! We are the type of family that likes to heroically overcome all odds (with a a little cost to our combined sanity, of course).

For us the story began, when a hapless Walgreen's worker has lost The Awesome Wife's prescription. The prescription was not the most urgent one, and they gave us an option of picking it up at the 24H Walgreen not far away, if we call the doctor and ask for a new one. We've decided not to do that, the due-date was couple of weeks away, and the new drug's only difference was that it could be flushed out of the system within twelve hours, instead of twenty-four of the original.


Because, you see as we woke the next day The Awesome Wife declared that it's time to go to the hospital. Well, we don't panic. We rarely do. The Little One got dressed, we drove her over to school, and relatively peacefully went to the hospital.

The admission was simple and fast. Very soon we settled in and started to wait. Various nurses came and went, couple of doctors visited, even the med students of the lowly scrub variety paid visit, but were promptly send on their way.

The thing is, that everyone one told us that the delivery is coming soon. Remember that medication, we didn't switch? Without going into deeper detail, the side effects from it forbid the use of epidural procedure for pain relief. That definitely threw my wife into panic.

Anyways, we are at the hospital at 8:30 AM, the medication flushes out of the system by 10 PM, and every medical personal in the hospital tell us that we are going to be done by 12 PM.

Well, 12 PM has gone by, then 3 PM, then 6PM, and nothing happened. Nurses and doctors changed shifts, we have befriended the whole medical stuff, and still nothing happens. Then all of the sudden its 10 PM. Induction and epidural are a go!

The doctor tells us that we should be out now by midnight. As shallow as it may sounds, I wondered if the baby was going to be born on the same day as Michael Jackson's death.

The baby was in no rush. Then came 2am, and 3am, The Awesome Wife was ready to go, but the baby decided to take a break.

The epidural levels had to be brought down twice to help push. The baby, finally, came out after only three pushes, around 6 o'clock in the morning.

These thirty or so minutes have registered as snapshots in my brain, I don't have a clear continuous memory of them. Baby's head. My wife in tears. Baby on the weighing station, gurgling. Nurses jumping around. Doctor smiling.

I know the moment is no way about me, but there I was standing in the middle of whirlwind, a bit detached from reality trying to calm my wife, take pictures of the newborn, and talk to nurses/doctors at the same time.

I've been to delivery room before. I coached my wife through the first one, the feeling there (although it has been almost five years now) was a bit sterile and businesslike. This time around (in a different hospital) the feeling was more midwifey and homely. Can't explain it.

Well, there you have it. Without the morbid details.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby updates.

As requested I give you a little update.

I will write a full blown detail infested post about the process. It had action, it had drama, it had comedy. Movies will win Oscars based on the story.

Or, not. I don't really give a damn. I am just very happy, in a sillly what-the-hell has-just-happened-to-me, way.

The only thing I am able to say right now, that the beautiful Isabelle Rose Burlak is healthy, if very annoyed at being pushed into the scary wide world.

Gahd, she's got lungs on her!

Here's the picture of her, with a happy older sister. Sorry, for the red eyes, but I don't have the will power right now fighting with Photoshop.

It happened

I am a daddy again.

I mean I never stopped, but now I am two times the dad.

Holy cow! Details when I wake up.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things are afoot

Moving at the 14.4K modem speeds. But, sometimes speed isn't everything.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A pic a day keeps boredom away...

Well, I don't have a lot to report.

The class is over, and a got a solid A- instead of a solid B. There is a lot of work.

I have moved to the new office by the O'Hare Airport last week, and so far it hasn't been bad. I have a cubicle mate who is of Russian descent, so I can talk with somebody now.

The office is located about a mile away from the one of the airport's landing strips. And it's right on the path of landing airplanes.

I will try to bring another camera in for a better snapshot but here's something to give you an idea. Taken on my phone.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's day

From the mouth of a 4 Year Old

- You are the greatest dad in the world! (After giving as scoop of ice cream)

I only wish parenting was always that easy. To get praise like that.

I promised uncompromising cutness and here it is. This was a small part of a fairly big dance show made by the school where The Little ONe attends ballet.

Beware, if this doesn't made you chuckle, you are a stone hearted bastard!

I Warned You!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday nothingness

The work is catching up to me.

I have three back-to-back meetings in the morning. I am actually sitting in one right now, luckily is not my turn to speak.

The Little One, had her balet recital on Wednesday, and I promise to post some earth-shattering cuteness in a day or so.

You've been warned!


It seems the nice peolpe of Magellan are able to blacklist my stolen GPS, in case it gets reported for a fix or update or registration.

I am thinking eBay. It's actually tough to drive without one. I got lost today a bit, and my trusty GPS unit would have saved me.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An icon died today

Bob Bogle of The Ventures died today. Creating the best-selling instrumental rock band of all time, as well as developing the signature "surfer" music The Ventures have been quoted by many great guitarists as the main influence.

I agree with them.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend update

Finally some beautiful weather here in Chicago. We have decided to go to our regular hunting grounds at Lincoln Park Zoo. We slept well into the morning, picked up our good friends and in the company of four adults and three children went to see the animals.

The photographer in me was screaming bloody murder to go out and make pictures. Thankfully my wife was very tolerant this time around with me running around like a madman taking picture of anything that moved.

Lincoln Park Zoo is a great little place. It's free (if you don't consider $17 parking) they have all the animals kids love to see, and none of the animals where you stand scratching your head wondering how do you explain platipus to a 5-year-old.

One bad thing that happened today, is I think i forgot to close the car, and somebody got in and stolen my Magellan GPS. Luckily nothing else was in the car, so other then that the car remained untouched. Unpleasant, but I have only myself to blame, and I think I'll live through it. I hope karma catches up to the bastard.

What else happened.

On friday me and my wife watched Marley & Me, which is an excellent film. Unfortunately for us, we did not know how it ends in advance, so the result was two adults sitting at the end of the movie, crying their eyes out. I don't believe any other movie touched me the way Marley & Me did. The movie ending was way to close to the heart for our collective comfort.

Well, enjoy the pictures of the animals.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time is something we never have.. I blame Newton and Einstein

I don't feel like writing anything right now, too many things are going on that take my mind off doing creative things.

- There are only two sessions left in my Finance class. I have a Quiz on stock valuations due today and a presentation due next week. Studiyng takes a lot of my time
- Our company closes the office in the far north suburbs of Libertyville and I am moving to the office by the O'Hare airport. The commute is going to be twice as short, which is a positive, but I am going to miss my buddies here, who I have worked with for the last four years (or is it five already)
- The weather in Chicago has been sucking ass for the last two weeks. Constant overcast is playing tricks with my brain.
- There is a big event that is going to happen in approximately six weeks. It takes a lot of energy and planning, but that's all I am going to say right now.

There you go, nothing exciting is going on, just plaini old life.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

David Carradine dies

It's strange. I can't exatly remember the reason but I was remembering an episode of Kung Fu a day or two ago. Today it was confirmed that David Carradine died. I could be wrong, but he had a role in the upcoming episode of the new show Mental.

I remember the little shrug he gives everywhere he played in.

What I never understood is where they found sandy desert in the America. Shoudn't be all rocks and stuff :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One class to ruin them all..

Finance is a difficult class. There are lots of formulas, ambiguous terminology and a general sense of "why in the name of all that is good and decent do I ever need to know the Valuation of equity is".

The class is almost over, we are doing our Financial analysis on PepsiCo now, as a final project. My take on it is to invest, BUT DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT use this as any kind of investing advice, this is strictly my own take, and I am not gonig to follow through on it.

There was a time, in the pre-DotCom boom, where I invested in the blue chip companies. I owned Netscape, AOL, CISCO, and couple of other companies. When the DotCom crashed, I made it out with a dedcent profit that allowed me and my wife to finance a purchase of our condo.

I haven't played or invested since. Now that I am taking the class, and have a better understanding of finance, and creative accounting, my feelings regarding of investing in the stock market are reinforced.

Here's what I think, if anyone cares. It takes a lot of research and understanding of the internal works of all things financial to make a truly GOOD investement. If you do not have the time and patience DO NOT invest. IT WILL COST YOU!

Now, I have to go back to calculating Additional Funds Needed, Ecomomic and Market Value Added.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend update

The work and school load are still pretty big, so here are some thoughts from the weekend.

- Everything tastes better from a grill.
- McCormick Grillmates are awesome to put on any meet. Mesquite spices (whatever they might be) add so much flavor to the smoke and to the meat it's possible to drown in your own saliva.
- Went to see UP! Another awesome offering from the Pixar. On par with Incredibles. I think Pixar needs to disassociate themseleves from Disney.
- Performing arts isn't all fun. The instructions we recieved for a "dress rehearsal" are very similar to what, I bet, soldiers go through for a roll-call.. maybe even SWAT preparations before an all out assault.