Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekly posting

I have been super busy with work and school these couple of weeks. I think the Innovation and Risk class has wrung me out more than any other (that includes Accounting and Finance).

The paper is done. For some stupid reason I did not ask for help on the budgets from people who are close to me and know a lot of stuff about budgeting and feasibility until almost the last moment. I think my brain was fried or something.

The only thing that is left is the Disruptive innovation presentation. What my team and I decided to do is to create an online service for aspiring movie makers, basically trying to change the way that independent films are made and distributed. If it ever comes to anything remember, you heard it here first.

Oh, yeah.

Lots already has been written about this years Superbowl. One thing to mention is that I really really wanted to see Favre against Manning. Two super QBs. I have nothing agains Brees, he's having a season of a lifetime, and what he did for Saints is simply amazing. Still, one season against the careers of Favre and Manning, both absolute future Hall of Famers.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A New Gadget?

Once a year, after my birthday I buy myself a gadget. This time around I thought it would be a laptop. But after looking around my office at home, I realized that I don't need a laptop. I still have my PC and I like it. What comes next? I've been a little jealous of my wife's Sony PRS 505, which I gave her as a present (never presented her with a gadget before). So I was thinking maybe getting an eReader myself.

I started reading a looking around, still can't decide if I want a Sony or a Kindle. Both of them have features that I would like to have.

Then I remebered that couple of months ago I read about a device being prepared by ASUS or Google. I can't find it anywhere anymore, but the device would be a dual screen, one eInk for reading the other a small color display for surfing.

I just found it enTourage eDGe. That's what I need and want actually. But these toys are not available until March. Then lo and behold, I have accidentely read about the iSlate from Apple. And that have planted a worm in my head. It's supposed to come out next week or something.

Is it true? Can Konstantin finally succumb to Apple's devious schemes?

Or, by the way, since we are on the point of gadgetery. My Birthday gift from The Awesome Wife is ariving soon. It's a Kodak flip cam Zi8.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kid speak

This week is full of 5 Year Old zingers.

- Daddy, Mama needs to learn how to knit. She'll be a grandmother. Grandmother's knit.

- I ate my lunch today. I am helping everybody. I am being good. And why I am doing that?

This one is Russian, so I beg pardon of my English speaking audience:

- Я загадала животное. Влюблюд!

A ride on the L

Yesterday I did something I haven't done in at least 5 years. I took The L. For the office party we were having int he loop I took the blue line from Cumberland to Clark and Lake.

I had a book with me, and you know something, I think I miss being able to read a book while the train takes you where you need to go.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Yay, TV!

I have just discovered yesterday that SyFy has late night showing of Highlander and X-Files

Yay, SyFy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kid speak

As The Awesome Wife was driving over a bridge, the 5 Year Old yelled

- Mommy - I am high!

This is the old one, but I am putting it here for record's sake.

- I wish mommy had 10 arms. Some to eat, some to work, and some to give me dessert.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


There is no reason for this post.

Today the sun came out of the clouds. It has been a month since I've seen sunshine in Chicago. At the very least none this year.

Friday, January 8, 2010

More Snow

As I walked out of the house this morning, I looked around and yelled: "I just cleaned up this crap yesterday!" There is another 3 inches of snow on my driveway right now, that I would have to clean up before the big freeze tomorrow.

There are only two kinds of cars in the winter in Chicago. Those are are clean, having stayed in the garage overnight, and those with only the windshield cleaned, but otherwise looking like a moving pile of dirty snow.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A little sad, but only a little

I am always a little sad when my Birthday comes. I've never figured out why. I think it might have to do with it being so close to other Holidays, with me analyzing all my previous non-accomplishements from last year, and the fact that it is in the winter. When I was growing up, I could never do the fun summer birthdays.

But then I wake up, get a kiss from the Awesome Wife (who has found for me an awesome present) a hug from the 5 Year Old and a smile from The Baby, and happyness and content start flowing over me again.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years.

My head still hurts and I am still abit woozy. For the first time in couple of years I have let myself loose, and got plastered. Of course there was hell to pay today, but I have almost recovered.

Several gems came out during morning's hangover.

"Those are not deer, those are tree stumps"
"My singing made people wish they were blind"

The presents have been open, and everyone got what they wanted. Me and The Awesome Wife share ideas for presents throughout the year.

As I opened one of my presents I realized that I have never read Sherlock Holmes (one of my all time favorite books) in English. Now I have a leatherbound copy of complete Holmes by Sir Conan Doyle.

Going to start reading right away, especially since it has been quite a while since my last Holmes reading.

Oh, And Happy New Year!