Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vacation report

Yes, we had one of those. A rare and welcome thing. Me and The Awesome Wife have been working our asses off last couple of months and it was beginning to show.  Three days before we left for vacation I had to go back to Atlanta and spent two days working stopping only to take a piss and munch on a bags of chips. Drugs were not provided by the company.

We went to our regular destination in Cancun Mexico, changing only the venue where we stopped. The resort was smaller than the last one we visited, but I think it made it nicer. The ocean was calm for the most part and warm too. We spent a lot of time on the beach, much more than we usually do. I think the water in the pool was actually colder than the ocean, plus the pool itself was pretty boring.

The evenings were filled with all sorts of variety shows. Some of them were pretty lame, and yes I can be a snob when being tried to entertain. The inexperience of some of the acts was clearly showing through, still my  usual approach to it beings with the question: "Do the kids enjoy it?"

The food was plentiful, although I got food poisoning once and so did one of the kids. I still don't understand why there is such a limited amount of seafood available at the Caribbean resort. The answer has been escaping me for w while now.

The rest was well needed by all. I have achieved my goal of spending approximately 80% of the time spent on vacation horizontally and enjoying a book. I've actually read a book from start to finish, I've been reading so much.

And that's a bout it. Rested, and tired already by some other crap going on. Holiday shopping is rearing its ugly head already. It's not even trying to hide, it's there looming ominously and dangerously close.

Here are a couple of shots for your viewing.