Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The crap we keep .... also 400th post

First things first. This is my 400th post. An average of 100 posts per year, as I have started blogging in 2008.

I wanted to make this post about my business trip to Raleigh, NC, but I can't find the pictures at the moment, so this is going to be a post about crap that I have accumulated over the years.

To start off these instructions. We don't even own a pool table anymore. But we used to have one before the kids were born. The table stayed at our old condo. It was too big to take out of the basement, and we gifted it to the new owners.

When I had a lot of free money (I did live with my parents while working and going to college) I was an early adapter. I have one of the first miniCD players somewhere, but this thing I loved. The Palm Pilot III. I still have the cradle somewhere.

I have the VCR, granted it's not yet old crap. I have plenty of VHS tapes that I hoped to transfer to PC at some point. That will probably never happen, but we have some old tapes with family related stuff somewhere.

I can't believe I still have these, STRIKE COMMANDER by ORIGIN. Probably the first or the second video game I have ever purchased. And this is still one of my favorite games of all time. I remember having to create a specific autoexec.bat file so DOS' memory would be as clear as possible. I don't know if the discs are still workable, they are at least 15 years old and have been lying in the box in the shed freezing and heating up over 7 years. No way to check, as I don't even own a 3.5 floppy anymore.

I don't know why I still have this thing. I haven't owned a tape deck in my last 4 or 5 cars. I've tried to use it many times, but it never worked so weel, and I was to lazy to carry a CD player or an MP3 player in the car all the time. I think I purchased it when I got my first MP3 player (probably have it somewhere still, a 32MB card reading thing for Creative Labs, of all manufacturers).

I have a lot of old Har Drives lying around. This one is not so old it seems, by the model number a cylinder x head x sector calculation seems to be above 800 MB.

Now, this little gidgit definitely belongs in the museum. I don't remember when I last had a printer that connected to parallel port, probably 5-6 years ago. Not that long ago considering everything else, right?  

 This cable belongs with the HD above. And IDE cable connecting the HD to the motherboard, again not that old technology. They have been out of use last 3-4 years I think. If people know or remember what it is still I would be surprized.

And lastly. Remember the early adopter thing. I used to love this iOmega drive. At the time when storage was still expensive, 100 MB disks could hold quite a lot. I had about 20 of them filled to the brim with all my crap.

I still have more nerdy and geeky old crap lying around somewhere. When I find more I'll proudly display it. And that is it for my 400th post.

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Ilya said...

That's a cool collection of old crap!