Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend update

Finally some beautiful weather here in Chicago. We have decided to go to our regular hunting grounds at Lincoln Park Zoo. We slept well into the morning, picked up our good friends and in the company of four adults and three children went to see the animals.

The photographer in me was screaming bloody murder to go out and make pictures. Thankfully my wife was very tolerant this time around with me running around like a madman taking picture of anything that moved.

Lincoln Park Zoo is a great little place. It's free (if you don't consider $17 parking) they have all the animals kids love to see, and none of the animals where you stand scratching your head wondering how do you explain platipus to a 5-year-old.

One bad thing that happened today, is I think i forgot to close the car, and somebody got in and stolen my Magellan GPS. Luckily nothing else was in the car, so other then that the car remained untouched. Unpleasant, but I have only myself to blame, and I think I'll live through it. I hope karma catches up to the bastard.

What else happened.

On friday me and my wife watched Marley & Me, which is an excellent film. Unfortunately for us, we did not know how it ends in advance, so the result was two adults sitting at the end of the movie, crying their eyes out. I don't believe any other movie touched me the way Marley & Me did. The movie ending was way to close to the heart for our collective comfort.

Well, enjoy the pictures of the animals.


vince said...

Sounds like a really great day. I'm the same way with photography - any place where there are lots of great subjects, I want to take photos. Lots of photos.

jason said...

Sorry to hear about your GPS. I did the same thing a couple years back (left the car door unlocked) and the bastards cleaned me out -- took a fully loaded tool bag, jumper cables, a maglite flashlight, a couple of CDs, even the car's owner's manual (it was in a zippered folder thing that I suspect the morons thought it was a CD case). On the bright side, at least the car was unharmed.

Ilya said...

I'll echo Jason in saying that it was a good thing you forgot to lock your car. Otherwise, the thief would have smashed the window. Common wisdom (and personal experience) suggests that it is not wise to leave your GPS - or anything that points to you having a GPS - in your car, as nothing will deter some bastard from getting at it...

Ilya said...

Cool pictures, by the way...

Konstantin B. said...

Ilya, Jason, one thing about the Zoo parking is that it's not separate from the street. It is one of the best neighborhoods in the city and there are throngs of people walking by, with families and such.

I doubt anyone would go as far as smashing windows out there in plain sight of hundreds of people.

Like i said. A bit of bad luck and absentmindedness on my part.

Oh, well. It's going to be a future gift idea for my dearest :)

JaviZ said...

Hey, my trekker friend! Sad to hear about your GPS! What can I say, It was just bad luck. Lincoln Park was (past) really safe for me, hear this small story: after shooting there for hours I was really tired and took a break on a bench, next to me there were another bench with a camera bag (big SLR bag) and nobody around... I rested there for about 30 min, and nobody (neither I, of course) robbed that bag. Incredible! (at least for this guy from Argentina!).

Javier Echaiz (BTW: check my last post, dedicated to you :)

Konstantin B. said...

Thanks, Javi. Does anybody call you Javi?

The thing is I can totally believe your story. Lincoln Park is a Yuppi town, forever.

Just bad luck.

JaviZ said...

Yes you can call me Javi, most people do it (that's the usual nickname for Javier). The story about why my standard nickname is JaviZ is too off-topic for posting it here! :)

For me Chicago was one of the safest cities in the US... but of course I stayed far far away from the worldwide known organized crime zones. I promise much more photos of your beautiful city!