Thursday, March 15, 2012

New look at America

I've started to watch Stephen Fry in America via Netflix, which is of course is a documentery following the fairly famous Englishman Stephen Fry. He drives around the United States across five or six episodes, meeting different people and visiting some of the more famous landmarks.

The series are addressed mostly towards the British audience, to show a little bit of life here on this side of the pond. However, Stephen does not stick around much in one place. He looks around, gives a brief glimpse or a brief interview and moves on, never sticking to more than one or two places per state. He finds something unique and intersting per state, or in case of some states the only thing available. As an example he spends exactly a minute and a half in the fine state of Delaware.

What I like about this documentary is that it shows places I would probably never had gone myself(body farm in Virginia featuren in the Bones epiisode) and interviews people I would never have met in my life (a performer in the Washington D.C. comedy troup). Also the fact that Stephen himself does offer any kind of judgement, just a simple commentary, a history lesson, and a joke here and there.

Overall it's a very peaceful and in some instances beautifully shot documentary.

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