Monday, January 30, 2012

Pursuit of legos

I'll be the first one to admit it that I have a problem when it comes to toys. When I was a kid I loved toy guns, later it became video games, now most of my toys come from the expensive electronic variety. Sometimes however, I can't resist the 7 year old in me and I buy myself a Lego. It's been worse a year or two ago, as I was buying more of them. At the moment however, I don't have a place to put them so I am very picky about the ones that I get. There are two criteria that I use. They have to be from the original Star Wars of course (there is one exception from the prequels and one from the Clone Wars), and they have to be of a complicated sort. I do enjoy immensely putting them together, and this kind of semi-mindless hands-on work rests my brain.

This year, for my birthday I've acquired one that I've been look at for a time now. I have a smaller version of it, and the full blown version even I am not crazy enough to spend money on, it costs approximately $500. This one however, hit all the right spots.

Meet the Millennium Falcon, quite possibly the most famous fictional spaceship in the world. I've enjoyed putting this together, with the help of my kids over the span of a week. Of course, I could have done it faster, but decided to prolong the fun of it a little. For kid's sake of course :)

The thing is big around foot and and half in diameter. The set had over a thousand pieces and the instructions came in two booklets. The model has a lot of nice subtle little details like hidden compartments, gunner seats for the top and bottom quad-turrets, a whole scene set with traning droid and Luke's training helmet, and a chess table. The figures included were Han, Leia, Luke, Obi-Wan, Chewie and Darth. The only problem that I have with the detail, is that (and this is where my wife will laugh and shake her head sadly) the cockpit is a one-sitter, where of course it is supposed to be sitting pilot and co-pilot.

Overall it's worth the money spent. The model looks big and complicated. There is enough going on there to make it interesting for a kid in me and my own kids in putting this model together.

The photography is god-awful, but I wasn't concentrating on it.


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