Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Happy Birthday

Do I want to be this post bittersweet? No not really. I stopped looking at my birthdays as a step closer to being old a long time. Right now my MO is treating my birthdays as a day when I let people to tell me how much more they love me ;)(that would be a wink), and graciously accept the praises. That is why I always look towards my Birthdays, I love them and never feel depressed about getting older. It just means that I got to spend another year surrounded by people I love, why would anybody find that depressing is beyond my understanding.

Let me give praises to The Awesome Wife one more time, for thinking that it is much better to spend the day zipping about the downtown of Chicago on segways, than going to work. Thank You Honey, that really made my Birthday special and gave me something to remember for a long time.

I won't give you the archetectural tour of Chicago, although I must say, I learned a lot of new things from our tour guide. There is also a photo of me, the tour starts at the Art Institute Museum.

It was a fairly wintery but warm day, and all the tourists stayed inside! So it was me, my wife and our tour guide. We went about 5 miles up and down Michigan avenue from the Art Institute all the way to Musuem campus and back. Now I want one of those toys, although I don't have a clue where I would ride them.

We also discovered this little gem at the Architectural center for Chicago. I didn't even know there was a place like that.

View of downtown from north

View from the east

Soldier field

View from the south.

They are also updating this model all the time, some of the newer buildings made it as well.

The tour was really a time well spent. We are thinking of repeating it in the summer, they have a whole bunch of them going around the city sights. If anyone decides to visit Chicago and want to join in, let us know, maybe we can set it up.

Oh, going back my Birthday (the day is about me afterall) I also got a bunch of presents that I loved.

Thank you all for your kind Birthday wishes.

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