Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall TV - Comedies

I haven't really changed my habits as far as the comedies go on TV. I have pretty much stuck to my guns and hardly paid attention to the new stuff.

How I Met Your Mother - The characters keep developing, with Barney struggling with new-found monogamy. I think it was correct to move Allison H. to the background, there is not a lot to do there and the show is not about pregnant women.

Big Bang Theory I think this show needs to move to Sheldon and Amy, and forget the rest.

Modern Family Nothing needs changing there. Do you here me writers, NOTHING!

And that's it as far as the comedy shows go. I do occasionally catch New Girl with Zoey Deschanel and Simpsons on HULU, when I have time, but no new comedies have captured my interest. I think I should give Last Man Standing a try.

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