Friday, June 3, 2011

Some final thoughts

I amtem about to return both tablets to their respective stores. We were going to purchase them on points and those won't arrive for another couple of weeks. I am typing this up on the Xoom.

1. Battery life is great on both devices, lasting me a whole week with only a single recharge.
2. Xooms virtual keyboard has more lag between presses, especially so when typing fast with two fingers.
3. Xoom's Chrome browser often enough glitches. Buttons are not functioning. Facebook freezes up.
4. It's very difficult to attach files to emails on ipad. The device gives you very little control to what's on your system and limits you to iTunes and apps.
5. This control however results in a nicely tuned system.
6. I played Contract Killer on both systems. It froze several times on Xoom, but its impossible to tell if it's the app or the unit. Xoom in theory should have more power than ipad.
7. Which makes it the final point. Android market is a mess with few apps designed specifically for android tablets.

So, still not sure. If you have an opinion on the matter, let me know.

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aleksey said...

I guess I am not allowed to voice my opinion. :-)