Thursday, April 14, 2011

Week worthy matters

Weird week.

Refrigirator died on Sunday morning, on Monday morning a service person came and told us pretty much that the fridge was un-servicable. it was only 4 years old. Damn you Maytag! On Monday evening we bought a new one and on Tuesday morning it was already installed, and merrily chilling away.

Post worthy? probably not, but I like the fast turnaround.


About a month ago we participated in a school funraiser, offering anybody in the office a nice box of Fannie May chocolates for a donation. Unfotrunately only one person signed up, but the story is not about that.

Yesterday the chocolates were given to the 6 Year Old in school. She wasn't told, or didn't realize that the chocolates weren't for her. After a ten minute struggle with herself, as she said, she gave up, and opened up the box. She ate one of the chocolates. Which resulted in us having to buy a new box. Poor kid was really upset that nobody told her that she couldn't eat them.

I wasn't sure what do do about it. So I laughed a little bit, and try to explain to her the meaning of the words "somebody else's chocolates". A concept completely foreign to her.

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