Monday, February 14, 2011

On the nature of social networks

I was recently thinking about my presense on the internet. I have several online accounts. I write the blog, of course, facebook, twitter, (Russian site for classmates), and somewhere lost in time myspace account.

It seems that some of the accounts have gone into the blackhole of internet. I only think I have myspace account. I don't tweet anymore because the 140 character limit is not enough for me. I visit the classmates sites only once or month or so to check if somebody I know has registered or left me a message, the email notoficiation system is all I need for that.

I also find myself at a loss for finding topics to write about in the blog. Sure, sometimes things strike my fancy, and I have more than a general grunt of displeasure or satisfaction in my head, so I write them down (like now). There is also the topic of kids and the funny and great things they do; the topic at which I fail miserably, since my attention span equals to that of a ten year old.

Recenlty, I find I gravitate more towards the facebook. It does everything I need as far as sharing some quick things, giving me instant gratification of having shared instantly across the distances so my friends know about them. I do more facebooking now than anything else.

So if you need me, have some courtesy, have some sympathy and some taste... er.. I mean knock to my

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