Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly update.

There is nothing going on at the moment with me accept Studying and NFL Playoffs. The birthday was uneventful, and I think I didn't mind it being this way. I got some great presents and Thanks to all for giving.

Big upset over the weekend with Seahawks (a first team below .500 to make it into the playoffs) defeating World Champion Saints. Seahawks (I hope none of my readers are fans) are quite an unremarkable team. They are going to be facing my Bears this following weekend. I hope for the best, but upsets have been known.

Jets have defeated the Colts, another remarkable upset. Jets have been uneven all season, with Mark Sanchez having some bad days. For all their bluster, I do not see them defeating Mr. Brady and the Patriots in the upcoming game. Archnenemis greenbay are going against Atlanta, and this can go either way. I don't know who would I rather see Bears facing in the NFC championship. I like the fact that Baltimore is going to be facing off the Steelers. Two very tough defensive teams, but I think Ravens will win that game.

So, is it possible that Bears can go to the Superbowl. I think it is entirely possible. Bears have on of the top defences in the league. And the defence wins playoff games.

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