Friday, December 10, 2010

Something I have recently noticed in the Wheel Of Time novels.

I said before that I was re-reading The Wheel Of Time epic, because I realized that two new book of the series came out after the sad departure of Robert Jordan. The final books are co-authored by Brandon Sanderson, supposedly following the last notes of Mr. Jordan (of which there are 2000 some pages, so it is said).

The 11th book of the series is very close in style to Jordan, the 12th Towerrs of Midnight seems a little bit rushed. It is clear that Mr. Sanderson has to tie up a lot of loose ends to bring the book to the logical conclusion.

Going back to the topic of the post. I remembered couple of days ago that I haven't re-read one of my all time favorite series - the original Dune novels by Frank Herbert. As I thought of them, and remebered the contents, similarities between the two epic struck me. I understand that most books and movies are based somewhat on old Greek and Roman dramas, which are based on something humans don't even remember anymore, and there are rarely new plot lines.

But the Aes Sedai very closely remind me of the Bene Gesserit order. Without of course the sexual undertones. Rand Al'Thor is very closely described and acts as Leto Atredes II, and the plot line seem to flow in similar directions. It's difficult for me to explain, but if you have read both epics you would see the similarities.

And that's all, a revelation of sorts.


Anonymous said...

Your observation is accurate. Check out this article on the topic of comparing WoT and DUNE:

Konstantin B. said...

Thank you for the link mr/ms Anonymous. I was afraid that you could be a troll, but took a risk and followed the link.

A great thank you for the wealth of information. Next time, you can mention your name, so I can welcome you properly.