Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random happenings

I don't know if he does this often. Last night, as I watched the season finale of Leverage, I notivced that the episode was directed by none other than Numb er One, Mr. Riker himselft - Jonathan Frakes. Cool beans.

As our 6 Year Old delves deeper into reader on her own we are facing a problem. We want her to read Russian books. She loves Junie B Jones, Arthur, and Magic School Bus series of chapter books. But there is nothing like that in Russian. Never was to my memory.

We are struggling to find her russian books that would be fun and easy to read at the same time. Most of the old kids literature she knows by heart, and does not read as much recites from memory now.

I don't remember the books I used to read when I was six, but they were always written for somebody who was RUssian native speaker.


jason said...

Frakes actually has a pretty long record as a director, going all the way back to his Next Gen days: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000408/#director

I can't help with the Russian books, though... :)

Konstantin B. said...

I knew he was involved, and I've definitely saw his TNG episodes, but it's nice once in a while to recognize old time heroes when they are involved in something else you like.

mattw said...

I just checked the Skokie Public Library catalog, and based on the search that I did, they have 104 Youth Fiction books written in Russian. Some of them might just be translations, but I've heard before that they have a pretty good selection of things in Russian.

Otherwise, your local library should probably be able to get books in Russian through interlibrary loan.

Konstantin B. said...

Thanks Matt. I heard that Skokie's library has the biggest collection of russian books in the burbs.

I might visit, I am there at least once a week.