Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall TV Schedule - Monday and Tuesday

Well the Fall Tv season is upon us and I am scrambling to find the shows I am going to watch.

Some of the stuff I wanted to take alook at is hindered by the new season of Dancing With The Stars which our daughter loves, and I DVR it for her. Castle is of course the main course on Monday night and so is How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. There was a season premier of Chuck which I believe I will leave to Hulu viewing and a show called the Event. I haven't watched it, but I might give it a try. Although I am pretty tired of human dramas/thrillers with an supernatural undercurrent to drive the show's plot. For that I will have Flash Forward.

I haven't looked at Hawaii Five-O remake, I am not sure I would have liked it. Too many cliche's from the looks of it and not enough fun.

Nothing else struck my fancy on Monday night. There is of course football on Monday nights, but I will leave to a single Bears game this season (maybe it's two I haven't looked at the full game schedule yet).

Nothing is really going on on Tuesday, except maybe Glee, which I might also leave to Hulu. Warehouse 13 is done for the summer with tonight's episode. There is also something called Detroit 1-8-7 a new beat drama and maybe it's going to be good. I loved Southland, but it was dropped, and I need my fill of gritty cop shows.

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