Monday, August 16, 2010

Vacation Day 3

For some reason every self respecting sea food buffet in the area uses Calabash in the name.

From the Wikipedia - The calabash or bottle gourd or opo squash (not to be confused with the calabaza) is a vine grown for its fruit, which can either be harvested young and used as a vegetable or harvested mature, dried, and used as a bottle, utensil, or pipe. For this reason, one of the calabash subspecies is known as the bottle gourd. The fresh fruit has a light green smooth skin and a white flesh. However the rounder varieties are called Calabash gourds whereas the longer and slimmer kinds are usually well known as bottle gourds.

What reason is this plant is used in conjunction with sea food buffet? I know only one resident visitor who is from this area, maybe if he's kind enough he will enlighten us.

We also went to see an Alligator farm, it was blistering hot today of course, and we should have left this trip to a different day. However, we've seen some pretty big bastards.

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