Friday, July 2, 2010

A nice walk in the city

My company yesterday hsoted a Townhall meeting addressing the impending merger. The meet and greet was held at the Catalyst Ranch, a pretty interesting place by itself, but this is not what this post is going to be about.

I took a shuttle bus (given to us) from our O'Hare office to the Merchendise Mart Office. After that we should have taken the bus over the place, but the weather outside was beautiful, it was only a half mile away, and I don't get out to the city as much now. I have decided to take a nice leasurely walk, and took some pictures along the way with my new HTC EVO.

A view from the Orleans/Franklin St bridge east, including a passing L,Corn Building, a part of Mart, and I believe the building witht he Wall is Encyclopidea Britannica Building.

A view from the Mart. That building does not have a specific name I think.

This is Mart's main entrance from across the river.

A vew from Wacker onto the new Sun Times building.

A view from Lake street bridge onto the river.

A view from the same bridge but with Sears (willis) Tower (black with white horns), Marchantile exchange and the Lyric Opera House (the big building).

This is a view from Lake street with Metra train pulling into the union station with L overhead.

And finally a view onto I90/94, nothing glamorous.

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