Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lazy is as lazy does...

I've been neglecting my duties as a host, largely to the fact that I have life going on on the other side of the keyboard.

WE are still dealing with the after effects of thunderstorms. The latest victim, that was falling in a two week long agony, is garage door opener. It failed yesterday morning with a burnt out logic board. Another $120 to the appliance service industry. We are still unclear what to do about the stove top, whether or not replace it ($600 at least, with a need to widen the marble counter top hole). The Wii I will take take tomorrow for repairs. That's another sum I am not sure about.

At least the TV is coming today and the furniture already came. Furniture was not a lightning storm victim, we've just decided it was time to utilize living room space in the house a bit better.

The furniture cam with it's own problem. We've asked the sales person in the store to separate the sectional so we can take a look. They said they couldn't. It seems that the chaise has hooks on the front to connect it solidly to the love seat. We have a strange configuration in the living room. We've purchased an L shaped two pieces and another chaise. What we did not know is those hook are located right there where they can bee seen, and that part is made of the ugly gray material.

Just another thing to fix.

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