Monday, June 28, 2010

Fiscal responsibility and karma

I haven't posted anything in a while, due to my blah blah blah..... Let's just say I've gotten a bit lazy. I have a whole bunch of updates, and most of them have to do with kids.

There were bithrdays, ballet recitals, and a good dose of cuteness to make you go "Awww!" until the rest of the summer.

The Almost ^ Years Old is now in summer camp and enjoying it greatly. They are spending half of their days in the pool, and the other half doing fun things, with field trips every week.

So, on to the main title.

The 5 Year Old couple of weeks ago went to the wave pool. We gave her five bucks to rent a boogie board for the waves. The smart child has asked another girls, who wasn't using hers anymore, and got herself a free board. When asked about the five dollars, she happily replied that she spend it on candy and ice cream.

Now what do the adults do?

Adults have finally decided to get smart phones. The Wife gets great discounts at Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. We've been grandfathered into T-Mobile for the last6 or 7 years, and decided it was time to switch.

We've chosen Sprint so far, because they give us 30 day money back trial. Of course we got HTC Evos. Maybe I'll write a review for it, but it's a nice phone.

So spending all that money, karma was bound to show up. The thunderstormgoing through our area has released some alien EMP over our house. The damage followed was following:

1. Burnt out AC adaptor for a portable DVD player.
2. TV set that does not accept signal from DVD player.
3. Burnt out Sat reciever.
4. Garage life gate (luckily fixed).
5. Possibly bricked Wii. Still checking on that.
6. Knocked off DSL/landline service, possibly until Wednesday.

Lot's of fun stuff to fix, look at, and if we are unfortunate enough to buy.

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