Monday, April 26, 2010

Ten is a relative number

This Saturday me and The Awesome Wife has celebrated our tenth anniversary. For some people 10 is a big number, for some a small number. For yours truly it may be just a number.

Some sentimental fools will spout that their love grows over the years more and more, and the years helped them realize how lucky they are, and how they become appreciative of one another, and all of that in the same avenue.

No, not me. I don't measure the love I have in years. I am a different kind of fool or ijiot (honey you'll understand and we'll see at home).

I love my wife! I really do, I love her the same way I loved her when we've first met. This kind of feeling can't grow, it's just there, pure and simple. I really do appreciate my wife tremendously and I know how lucky I am to have met The Woman who loves me and accepts me regardless of my quirks and shenanigans (I love this word and was looking for a Long time to use it).

Our friendship has never really blossomed, it was right there from the start. She is my best friend and my confidant. We've complained many a times to each other that we have good, awesome, great friends, but we've never, since our marriage, had people who could have replaced ourselves in the role of our own best friends. We have each other and that seems to be working out greatly.

We gave each other absolutely beautiful children, two wonderful girls with the looks and personalities as different as we are from each other. Still they are a complete reflection of both us (yes The Baby does sport an awesome unibrow like her dad).

When you have found The One, 10 years might be just a convenient point in time to look back and think to yourself, how did I live before that.

We've also mutually decided to keep this day to ourselves. This is our Holiday, Mine and Hers, and nobody elses. It really is about us more than anybody else. While it could have been a nice reason to get together with our friends, we've decided to keep low key, getting a room with a pool, going furniture shopping, and spending some time in Pete Miller chomping down great food and listening to great Jazz.

And that is all folks. Nothing to see here, just a couple of people who've been and will be in love for many years.


jason said...

Congratulations, guys! I'm coming up on 17 years with my sweetie (although we're still unofficial, i.e., not married).

Anonymous said...

I am still can not work those schedule with all dates,
but I am afraid that then I will forget to take a look. I should create something (or ask my very high tech skilled sons) to remind me every time when important things happened.
I am sorry to miss your date, and I congratulate you and wish you happiness for "ever forever".
I only remembered at this date that the Baby become 10 months old. Mama.

Lena said...

Thank you - The Baby turned 10 month yesterday:-)