Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Scrambled thoughts.

I must be getting old. Yesterday evening after the final Marketing presentation we went to a pub and I had a single pint of Kilkenny (awesome ale from the Guiness people). Overslept today, after a single pint. Sad.

As I watched an episode of Chuck online the final shot was that of Eiffel Tower in the window, showing that the characters must be in Paris. Here's my beef with it(why do I have beef with it?). The shot was shown as if the floor the heroes were on is above Eiffel Tower. The shot contained New Paris in the background of the tower. There is nothing on the other other side Elysian Fields avenue that is that tall. Anyways if I am wrong let me know.

We have two books for the next class: Jim Collin's From Good To great, which is supposed to a staple for businesses, like Jack Welch's book, and a book called Survival Guide in Corporate Culture.

We'll see.

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