Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Happenings

Is this the first sign of getting old?

I take some pride in the fact that sleep is not the most important thing for me. My internal clock has never let me down. I can wake up to the minute of the time I need. Not this time. The time-change on saturday has knocked my clock off completely. I overslept today, I still can't wake up (being awake for 2 hours now). partially it is due to the fact that on Saturday we went to see this guy in concert.

And then of course spring is the time when all of the 5 Yeard Old's friends are having birthdays, so we went to two birthday parties.

One other thing that might need a post of its own. Couple of weeks ago The 5 Year Old came back from the kindergarden telling us that verything was created by God. Probably one of her friends with more religious parents than us, told her that. Now I didn't say they were wrong, I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and a set of beliefs, but me being a sneak, our bed-time stories have become an education in evolution and planet formation (to the best of my abilities). Surprizingly she knows a lot, although her 5 Year Old mind tries to skew things to her own understanding. You should hear a 5 Year Old explain the Ice Age sometime.

Anyway, I hope I can recover fast.

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