Friday, March 5, 2010

A very unsettling thought

Yesterday i was watching Discovery's Planet Earth about deep ocean. A one point Sigourney Weaver has told me that there are crabs and shrimp in the ocean that feed of bacteria living on the slopes of underwater volcanoes, in temperatures of up to 400F.

This is very unsettling because it seems that there are crustaceans in this world that can not be boiled and eaten.

I say very unsettling.


mattw said...

Maybe that just means you'd need a bigger fire.

Eric said...

I now imagine a shrimp in the pot saying, "Bring it on! Is that the best you've got! Ooo--chilly water, think I'll take a little swim, do a few laps! Loser!"

Konstantin B. said...

No, no, no. A mean spirited shrimp will have to meet his maker accompanied by a tankard of hearty ale.