Wednesday, March 10, 2010


BEcause I now have a "cool" phone I have decided to give Pandora a whirl. I used to listen to music while I worked. At some point it became distracting and I stopped. I think I am ready again.

I have started with AC/DC of course, which gave me "Shoot to thrill". The next song it opened up was "Rock you like a hurricane". Why?

- Based on what you told us so far, we are playing this track because it features hard rock root, a subtle use of vocal harmony, demanding instrumental part writing, and (my favorite part) dirty electric guitar solo

That's me.

The next honors went to Ozzy with "Paranoid".
The next was GNR's "Paradize City".
The next was Aerosmith's "Dream On"
The next was Queen's "Another bites the dust".
The next was Zeppelin's "Kashmir".

One of the common themes among descriptions was minor key tonality.

Wonderful selection. Me likey this.


jason said...

Sounds like a good mix! I've had pretty good luck with Pandora myself... it does seem to kick out (mostly) stuff I like...

太可怕 said...


mattw said...

Pandora's usually pretty good for me, but once on a while I'll get a string of songs I don't want to hear.