Monday, March 29, 2010

Dinosaurs rule

The 5 Year Old discovered a new type of dinosaur. Tickleraptor. It's the velociraptor that tickles.


Eric said...

Ah, yes--truly the most ferocious predator of the late Cretaceous. Fossils first discovered in China in the late '80s in an interesting tableau: a tickleraptor with its long, blunt claws entwined with the ribs of a young bactrosaurus; presumably the assault was frozen in time by a sudden volcanic eruption that buried the animals in fine ash.

They tickled in packs, you know. Very social animals, very dangerous.

Konstantin B. said...

Oh yes, Eric! Very much so. Considering the research The 5 Year Old Scientist performed, they were smaller then humans. Thus they had to hunt in clans, like the spotted hyenas.