Saturday, January 23, 2010

A New Gadget?

Once a year, after my birthday I buy myself a gadget. This time around I thought it would be a laptop. But after looking around my office at home, I realized that I don't need a laptop. I still have my PC and I like it. What comes next? I've been a little jealous of my wife's Sony PRS 505, which I gave her as a present (never presented her with a gadget before). So I was thinking maybe getting an eReader myself.

I started reading a looking around, still can't decide if I want a Sony or a Kindle. Both of them have features that I would like to have.

Then I remebered that couple of months ago I read about a device being prepared by ASUS or Google. I can't find it anywhere anymore, but the device would be a dual screen, one eInk for reading the other a small color display for surfing.

I just found it enTourage eDGe. That's what I need and want actually. But these toys are not available until March. Then lo and behold, I have accidentely read about the iSlate from Apple. And that have planted a worm in my head. It's supposed to come out next week or something.

Is it true? Can Konstantin finally succumb to Apple's devious schemes?

Or, by the way, since we are on the point of gadgetery. My Birthday gift from The Awesome Wife is ariving soon. It's a Kodak flip cam Zi8.

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