Monday, December 7, 2009

Back from the weekend trip

Went to New York to visit family. I haven't seen certain members of it for almost 3 years.

I took the 5 Year Old With Me, on my first father-daughter only trip. I think she had a lot of fun playing with her cousins.

We did get to visit New York on sunday. Introduced the 5 Year Old to the Rockefeller center tree, and showed her the Times Square. I think she was more impressed with the pretzel we got from the street vendor, and the entrance to the Subway.

On the way back it was my first time flying the very small jet. I don't remember the manufacturer (not Boeing or MD) but it seated two on one side and one on another. BTW considering price/service Continental is taking a place above United or AA for me.


Ilya said...

It was fun seeing you, brother.

Lena said...
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Konstantin B. said...

Likewise. Seeing the Family gives me a nice moral boost for couple of months.

Anonymous said...

It was very joyfull, but very sad after, because of the short period of time. Or, always when you left.
I was missing you from the first minute you got in line for check-up.