Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What stars can tell

As I walked outside the house yesterday evening, I glanced up to the sky. What I saw was the Orion constellation rising up in the east. And then the realization that the Fall is upon us has settled inside my brain. Strangely enough, it's not the leaves turning or the colds that does it. It's this strange nostalgic event. I never look for it, I never expect it, it always comes very suddenly.

You see, growing up, me and my brother were quite the Astronomy buffs. We've read books and could name and recognize more than a dozen constellations. I have always wanted my own little telescope. That of course went by as I grew up and became interested in other things. But this events always brings a flow of childhood memories (more like a trickle considering the ability of my brain to concentrate and remember things).

I couldn't recognize the Big Dipper if it stared right in my face these days. One thing I could never loose is the ability to identify Orion's belt, and a memory from an anstronomy book that the constellations only comes during the fall in the Northern hemisphere.

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Ilya said...

I had exactly the same thoughts a while ago... in terms of barely being able to identify Orion's Belt and nothing else these days...