Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New class

I have started this blog initially to share my experiences as an MBA student. I have realized that the last post about school was more than two months ago. The reason for that was that the class was boring. Seriously, I thought I could learn something new about IT Management. Nothing. All of the topics were familiar to me, and I could hold up discussions without even reading the material. I will see what the grade is going to be, but it certainly will have very little to do with the material, and more with how I wrote my papers.

This new class is promising to be very interesting. The instructor is an accomplished entrepreneur and a Harvard Business School graduate, whatever that means. In a single session he completely destroyed our comprehension of business strategies, a class we have taken only a year ago. He has also put a dent in our believe that "betas" are the most important things when evaluating investment risks.

He also wrote a book:

Create Marketplace Disruption

I Have left with three thoughts on that first sessions that I liked.

Risk is ignorance management.
Companies who concentrate only on the core business will fail.
Acquisition does not perpetuate innovation.

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