Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am allergic to stairs

Before I get urgent phone calls from people who usually worry about me (yes, Mom and Dad, I know you do it only because you love me, and even if I don't show it I still appreciate it) I AM FINE.

Back to the stair allergies. It's true. I fall down them with a frequency I'd rather not mention. Yesterday evening, as embarrasing as it is, I misplaced my foot and fell down (oh horror) down about two steps on our wood patio.

My ego was not bruised, I have very little. My ankle however got twisted for the umptienth time. Second time in four months, at least. Painful as it was, I know what to do in this situation. I slapped my trusted ankle brace on, and went to sleep, thinking that if the pain does not go away by the morning, or it will swell up I'll go to the ER.

Well, there was no big swelling or visible bruises, but it was still unpleasant to step on my foot. I usually know where it supposed to hurt with ankle sprain, this time I had an additional spot. I've decided to go to the ER anyway to take an X-RAY.

I have two good Hospitals within a ten minute drive from the house. I called both emergency rooms to find out which had less people in it. Luckily the one that had less was along my usual route to work.

I cam in, they took some measurement and made me sign some paperwork. The irony of that of course was that I work for the company that tries to Eliminate hospital paperwork, replacing it with docile computers.

Anyway, they took me in, did some pictures. I got a clean bill of health. No bone fructures, no ligament or muscle tears. Just a plain ol' sprain. In and Out it took me about hour-and-a-half. Very pleasant and fairly speedy ER experience overall.

Yey! Although I am still in a bit of pain, but it's nothing a good dose of Ibuprofen can't handle.

I have to do something that will make my ankles stronger. I play tennis, a lot of stress on goes on those joints.

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