Monday, October 5, 2009

Life or somethink like it

I've been busy lately with work and school. And didn't really have anything to write about. Lots of boring stuff.

I am in the 6th week of school already, and a group project Phase 1 is active status. I am going by the path of least resistance at the moment, so I went along with the group's topic of Using Twitter for Pharmaceutical Company. Meh, it's a topic. I'll do my part. I have some difficulty with taking an online course. Since it is paced diffirently than school session method I find it hard not having strict timelines and due dates.

The Baby is actively communicating now through goos, gaas, and other variety of gutteral sounds. she's is into her 4th month now. The head and neck muscles have much more control, and she is trying, although unsuccessfully, to pull herself up by grabbing my thumbs. She is also starting to accompany smiles by what can be classified as laughter sounds.

The Five Year Old is becoming more strong willed by the day. She pulled a big one couple of weeks ago. Switching between classes in Sunday Russian school, she tricked everyone there by saying she wants to go to the drawing class. We can't pull her out from there now. She loves to draw, and that gives us the much needed "candy" to use when getting her to Russian speaking and reading/writing classes.

That is all for today folks. Have a pleasant Monday.


mattw said...

Good to know everything's going well.

Logan has moved on from giving his toys the occasional time out to now administering time outs to us and his grandpa.

No baby yet, but we'll have one by Thursday for sure.

Konstantin B. said...

Yes, I have already gotten the "Dad, if you are not listening you'll get a timeout".

Good luck with everything.